Air Purifier + Humidifier

Sale price$199.00 USD

Improve your air and humidity quality simply by switching filters with our versatile 2-in-1 Air Purifier and Humidifier. The nano air filter captures ultra-fine particles regardless of temperature or humidity, outperforming electrostatic filtration used by other brands. The washable and reusable fiber filter eliminates the need for expensive humidifier filter replacements. The natural evaporation process ensures safe humidification by blocking existing bacteria in the water from escaping and only expelling pure water vapor.

Additional features include:

  • 4000 ml water tank capacity
  • 350 ml per hour humidification
  • Built-in aromatherapy diffuser
  • Adjustable mood light with three brightness levels
  • Configurable automatic operation
  • Quiet sleep mode

More Details

Air Purifier and Humidifier product description image describing Zenwell's device as one of the only 2-in-1 solutions on the market. Simply change between the humidification filter and the nano air filter to switch between humidification and purification functionality.
Air Purifier and Humidifier product description image describing how the Zenwell nano filter has pores smaller than fine dust itself, making it physically impervious to dust regardless of humidity or temperature. This makes Zenwell outperform common electrostatic purifiers in many ways described in a table.
Air Purifier and Humidifier product description image describing how air washing happens because the output vapor is only 0.2nm in width, it successfully humidifies the whole room rather than just wetting the surrounding area. The small output size only vaporizes H20 and any impurities in the original water supply are left behind in the filter and as intake air passes through the humidifier filter, it captures fine dust particles
Air Purifier and Humidifier product description image describing how the humidification cools the air and the humidifier filter is easy to maintain because you can easily wash the 6-layer honeycomb fiber filter with general-purpose detergent
Air Purifier and Humidifier product description image with three graphs. One shows how the automatic operation mode maintains optimal humidity between 50 and 60 percent to avoid dry air virus activity and humid air mold growth. The second shows how the physical filtration method maintains filtration efficiency for longer than filters using electrostatic precipitation. The third shows how the low power consumption between 5 and 18 watts would cost just $3 per month.
Description image showing the product’s parts including the upper part, lower water tank part, fan, nano air filter, and humidification filter. Also shows the key features including 2-in-1 humidifier & purifier, Natural vaporization, Ultra-fine dust purification, Nano air filter, Washable humidifier filter, 3,500ml water tank, 350ml/hr humidification, Mood light with 3-level brightness, Aromatherapy diffuser, Automatic operation, Silent sleep mode, BLDC motor, Modern & minimalist design, and Made in Korea