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Industry-defying Solutions

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Designed and Built to Last

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Innovative Tech and Design

Zenwell's technology sets new standards in humidification, purification, and ice making. All products are made in Korea and designed to be easy to maintain and integrate beautiful in your living space.


Natural Evaporation

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Zenwell’s humidifiers are some of the few that protect your sensitive respiratory system. Our 3rd generation natural evaporation technology outputs pure water vapor at 0.2nm in width. Because of the small output size, only H20 is vaporized and any impurities in the original water itself are left behind in the water filter. In contrast, ultrasonic humidifiers emit germs and foreign substances together with the water vapor.

Person in lab coat holding tissue over running humidifier to show fineness and purity of water vapor output

When we developed our washable fiber filter, we sought to solve the problem of humidifier filters being high maintenance and costly. At the time, only two types of humidification filters existed on the market: fabric filters and plastic disc filters. Plastic disc filters require tedious cleaning—the customer must disassemble and clean each of the 20 to 30 discs. Fabric filters have high replacement costs since they normally aren’t cleanable. Seeing this, we developed a humidifying filter with a 6-layer honeycomb porous structure that can be cleaned by washing with general-purpose detergent. Furthermore, unlike ultrasonic humidifiers which need to be cleaned daily because they would also output bacteria remaining in the water, Zenwell’s filter only needs to be washed twice a week because the natural evaporation process only outputs pure water vapor.

Person in lab coat demonstrating washing the Zenwell humidifier filter by hand in a bucket of water

Our products are built with large capacity humidification and high humidity output. Our humidifiers come with tanks that can hold up to 4000ml, while competitors only provide 500ml tanks. With a Zenwell humidifier, one refill can run for 10 hours on average. The hourly humidity output of our strongest humidifiers is 700ml, which is 4 times higher than some competing products.

Additionally, because the natural evaporation technology creates much smaller water vapor particles, the properly humidified air can spread throughout the room. Competing products that output large water droplet would simply make the surrounding wet and leave the customer with the same dry air elsewhere in their space. Zenwell humidifiers will safely, efficiently, and easily provide perfectly humidified air that will promote healthy skin and respiratory systems.

Pictures of floor plans showing smaller coverage area of ultrasonic humidifiers with output of vapor particles with size of 5000 nanometers compared to larger coverage area of Zenwell natural vaporization humidifiers with output of vapor particles with size of 0.2 nanometers


Nano Filtration

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Ultra-fine dust consists of particles under 100nm in width. Zenwell’s nano air cleaning filter blocks particles up to 0.7nm and has successfully passed emissions tests for seven harmful substances: titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, copper and its compounds, zinc oxide, lunar caustic, zinc parathion, and octadecyldimethyl. The patented two-layer structure of the nano air filter creates a physical filtration method where the thickness and density of the filter fiber consists of air gaps smaller than fine dust, making it physically impervious to the dust.

Pictures of competitor's HEPA filter and Zenwell Nano Air Filter magnified 1000 times with an electron microscope to see how much smaller the pores of the nano air filter are compared to the HEPA filter
Pictures of electrostatic filtration filter and Zenwell Nano Air Filter with red ultra-fine dust particles magnified 1000 times with an electron microscope to show how more tightly knit and compact the nano air filter is

Unlike the electrostatic filters of competing brands, Zenwell’s filters do not lose their effectiveness even on humid days. Electrostatic filters fail when the air is filled with water vapor because the water molecules the dust-attracting electrostatic charge to dissipate. Zenwell’s nano air purifying filter is developed with original technology of the Institute of Science and Technology and has pores that are physically smaller than ultra-fine dust, creating consistent performance regardless of humidity or temperature.

Pictures of competitor electrostatic air filter and Zenwell Nano Air Filter with air flow and dust graphics visualizing how Zenwell's nano air filter maintains effectiveness regardless of humidity

This technology effectively and consistently blocks viruses, bacteria, and fine dust, qualifying it for CA certification. CA certification is an official Korean certification system created to provide reliable air purifiers to consumers. This certification is granted only to products that pass strict screening standards, and quality control is continuously performed after the initial certification.

Person in lab coat holding Zenwell nano air filter next to Zenwell Super Air Purifier + Humidifier

Along with basic filtering of 1nm dust, our smaller and portable Baby Safe Air Doctor purifiers utilize 293,291 UV sterilization lightning strikes per second to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses by attacking their DNA and RNA directly. While our larger appliances can maintain the air quality of entire rooms, the portable purifier just as effectively purifiers the space around you, no matter where you are.


Durable Crystal Ice

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Zenwell’s ice maker quickly and safely creates two different types of ice cubes: quick, regular ice and slow-melt, crystal clear ice. Our ice makers produce regular ice cubes at a rate of 10 cubes every 7 minutes and crystal-clear ice at a rate of 10 cubes every 15 minutes.

The transparent and durable crystal ice employs patented technology that removes bubbles in the water, resulting in transparent ice that is sturdier and melts slower. The reason why ice from regular ice makers appears cloudy is due to the presence of bubbles in the water, which accelerates melting.

Pictures of rapid mode opaque ice that takes 7 minutes to produce 10 cubes and crystal ice mode clear ice that takes 15 minutes to product 10 cubes

Because safety is our first consideration, we’ve included a UV lamp for sterilization in our ice makers. The deep ultraviolet (UV-C) light emitted by the lamp operates within the wavelength range of 100-280nm. This UV-C light is harmless to the human body and provides a high sterilizing power, killing or deactivating harmful bacteria and other microorganisms in the water. It is a safe form of ultraviolet radiation that does not cause skin cancer even with repeated exposure.


100% Made in Korea with Quality Materials

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Zenwell products, which are 100% developed and manufactured in Korea by Koreans, prove to be meticulous and sturdy nearing perfection. Materials are chosen to last—like stainless steel screws that are safe and rust-free. Our factories employ state-of-the-art automation to manufacture consistent and high-quality appliances. The jobs that machines cannot perform well are monitored and completed by human hands. Zenwell will always strive to make the best quality products.


Long-lasting Filters & Low Energy Costs

Person pulling nano air filter up out of the top half of a Zenwell Super Air Purifier and Humidifier next to the bottom half of the appliance which has a washable humidifier filter in it

Our humidifiers, air purifiers, and ice maker are all designed to consume low amounts of electricity. This not only makes them more environmentally-friendly, but also keeps electricity costs low. With just 3 or 4 dollars per month, you can bring cleaner air and pure ice to your household.

Two bar graphs with one graph showing the Dokdo Freeze having much lower power consumption compared to refrigerators and chest freezers and the other graph showing Zenwell's larger purifiers and humidifiers much lower power consumption compared to common computers, TVs, and steam humidifiers.

Zenwell is committed to increasing longevity and performance of our air purifier filters. Competing air purifiers that use conventional electrostatic filters become electrostatic as the usage time increases, so the ultra-fine dust filtering performance deteriorates and the filter life is shortened. However, the Zenwell nano air cleaning filter uses a physical filtration method that maintains much longer-lasting performance. Developed with the original technology of the Institute of Science and Technology in Korea, our nano filter has pores smaller than fine dust itself, proven to reliably capture dust even as usage time increases.

Line graph comparing air filter longevity using physical filtration and electrostatic precipitation methods. Shows that the electrostatic method significantly loses filtration efficiency over time whereas the physical filtration method only slightly looses filtration efficiency.

We also solved the problem of humidifiers being difficult to maintain and keep clean. Competing humidifiers with 20 to 30 disc-type filters are inconvenient even when they have an automatic filter cleaning function. The reason why Zenwell is called the cleanest humidifier in the world is because its filter can be easily washed. The fiber filter can simply be washed with laundry detergent by hand or with a washing machine separately in the normal course. This ensures that the filter doesn’t foster bacteria or mold growth, keeping the expelled water vapor as clean as possible.

Person washing Zenwell humidifier filter in a bucket of soapy water


Harmonious, Minimalist, Clean

Zenwell Super Air Purifier + Humidifier Smart in urban apartment living room

Our larger appliances are designed to harmonize and blend beautifully in the space where they share in your daily life. The slim and minimalist silhouette communicates timeless beauty and the delicate perforated air intake holes balance aesthetics and functionality. The intuitive interface requires minimal touches and the mood light can double as a night light with 3 levels of adjustable brightness. Whether in use or idle, your Zenwell will create a healthy space where the body rests and a comfortable space where the mind breathes.

Zenwell Air Doctor with mood light on placed on a bathroom counter in front of a mirror

Our smaller devices are meant to showcase personality and fun, so they come in multiple trendy and beautiful colors. The Baby Safe Air Doctor portable purifiers are designed to communicate the same luxuriousness as our larger products, sporting a minimalist silhouette, atmospheric mood light, and real leather strap. The Dokdo Freeze can match the clean look of your other appliances or act as a colorful addition to your kitchen toolset. With the portability of these devices, you have the option of bringing a joyful pop of color with you wherever you go.

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Designing to Define the Industry

Zenwell's entire process from design to development to manufacturing is driven by customer needs and technical innovation. Check out our product line to see the fruits of our labor.

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