AROMA AIR Safest Natural Evaporation Diffuser (Air Washer + Mood Lamp)

Sale price$79.00 USD
  • [AIR WASHER AROMA DIFFUSER] The safest diffuser with no harmful ingredients and natural scenting.
  • [H13 GRADE HEPA FILTER] Not only does it have a nice scent, but it also has an air purifying function.Built-in air purifying HEPA filter removes even ultrafine dust.
  • [PREMIUM AROMAIR 5 FRAGRANCE OIL] Oil extracted from nature without adding artificial fragrance. Delightful blends for any mood!
  • [8 COLORS OF MOOD LIGHT] Home Décor, Romantic Atmosphere Light
  • [USE OF HIGH-PERFORMANCE, LOW-NOISE BLDC BLOWER FAN] Noise is further reduced by using a low-noise BLDC motor and an efficient airflow is designed by applying a blower fan.
  • [SMART DIFFUSER] All functions can be operated and managed with a mobile phone, making it more intuitive and easy to use.

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