Dokdo Freeze

Sale price$390.00 USD

With a 33 lbs per day capacity and refrigerated foaming design for longer storage, the Dokdo Freeze is built to provide for both everyday use and special occasions. With two ice-making modes, you get 10 cubes of rapid opaque ice in just 7 minutes or 10 cubes of crystal clear ice in 15 minutes. Our patented clear ice technology removes bubbles during freezing to create transparent, sturdy, and slow-melting ice. The hygienic stainless steel construction includes 3 sterilizing UV-C LED lights. The wide, semi-transparent dual-door design for easy cleaning of the ice-making compartment. This outshines conventional ice makers which lack direct access to the ice-making compartment, making cleaning difficult and mold growth common.

Additional features include:

  • Automatic ice tray cleaning function
  • Touch display
  • Low water supply warning
  • Low power consumption of 100W

Color: White

More Details

Dokdo Freeze product description image showing how dual door design gives access to the ice bin and ice making compartment for easy cleaning, how the two modes creates 10 cubes of hard, durable ice in 15 minutes or quick opaque ice in 7 minutes, and how the unit uses a triple UVC light system continuously during the ice making process.
Dokdo Freeze product description image describing how the ice maker is built with top-tier and rust-free medical grade stainless steel and the top-refill system is super easy to use
Dokdo Freeze product description image describing how the 2-liter water tank can produce 285 cubes, which is 24 ice-trays worth of ice. Plus, the built-in foam refrigeration lets you use the ice maker at home, at the office, or outdoors. The low electricity consumption of 100W is also much less than a refrigerator or chest freezer and 8 hour per day usage would only cost $4 per month in the US.
Dokdo Freeze product description image showing the three color varieties and key features including the Dual Door Design, 24/7 UVC triple sterilization care, 15kg high-capacity ice production, Full medical-grade stainless steel, Transparent crystal ice production, Rapid ice production in 7min, 100W low-power consumption, Long-lasting ice preservation, Convenient top water refill method, Outdoor usability with compact size, Patented technology, and Made in